Customer Relationship Management
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Channel Sales

Not many companies are aware of the concept of channel sales. In fact, most of them are not aware of the concept of a Channel Sales Representative. Companies that do know about Channel Sales, they don’t know the benefits of

Twitter detailed insights
How to tell how many tweets someone has?

All of us at some point in time, have used Twitter. Or at least, created an account on it, right? Now that Elon Musk is about to acquire the platform, all eyes are on what’s up next. Twitter is more

Sales Pitch Guide
5 Types of Objections in Sales That Only Sales Experts Know About

Marketing has always been one of the most important structures that helped sales in any organization. And Sales always depended on how well a product is created, manufactured, marketed, and finally distributed. Sales strategies often involve all kinds of techniques

What is Customer Retention?

The current times are the times of abundance. An individual has multiple options to choose from, to do any subliminal task or make necessary purchases. Thus, when the potential customer is posed with an abundance of choices, it becomes difficult